What is a Cleanskin?

Put simply, a cleanskin wine is a value-for-money wine that is sold without the proprietary label of a producer. It is typically sold at a lower cost than its labelled alter ego, despite having comparable quality.

Our Cleanskin wines are not “bin end lots” or “bulk wine” on the cheap. We handpick one Cleanskin of each variety that meets our “Customer Value” criteria of taste, drinkability, nose, price and value. Enabling us to confidently buy that wine before it’s labelled and sell it direct.


The Family Name behind Independent Brands is Nola’s. Nola’s became established in 1914 as winemakers. In 1952 we then became general Liquor distributors. Now some 102 years on Nola’s have become the oldest independent Liquor Distributor in New Zealand. This wealth of knowledge and longevity brings stability, balance, credibility and a great degree of comfort to all our clients.

Our business models enable us to source, supply, package and distribute a broad range of wines from vineyards and wineries New Zealand Wide.

Independent Brands

Independent Brands Limited are New Zealand’s leading Private label bottlers for Private Label Wine. We supply Private Label Wine and of course branded wine from our own portfolio to clients in the Domestic Liquor Trade and around the world.

Having built relationships with growers and wineries across New Zealand, our portfolio consists of a large selection of quality New Zealand wines, varieties, and styles. We cover all the main wine growing regions of New Zealand – Marlborough, Hawke’s Bay, Gisborne as well as Nelson, Otago, Canterbury and Martinborough, volumes are in both bulk and bottled form.

Independent Brands is not linked to one supplier,  nor do we have a pre-disposition to sell existing inventories or brands. Independent brands recognises market opportunities as the driver for brand development. Because of this flexibility, we are capable of capturing pricing opportunities and trends. We also understand the nuances of all the different wine regions and are able to capitalise on the strengths of each region. With Independent Brands, the emphasis is always on the quality of your product, your margins, your product’s delivery and your new brand – for the long term.

Allow us to assist you, as you purchase, sell, plan, and grow, in the markets.

Please contact us with any questions regarding any of the markets in which we work.