Your Step By Step Guide to Fundraising Using a Cleanskin Wines Wine Drive

You’ve discussed with your associates and now you want to go ahead with a wine fundraiser. What do you do now?

These simple steps explain how to run a successful wine drive:

  1. Fundraising account application Form.
    Have you completed our fundraising application form?
    Giving us all the required and necessary details
  2. Confirm you have the latest price list.
    It changes on a regular basis. We make no guarantee as to availability of wine if you proceed without first checking with us. Our price list shows you our special fundraising cost price which includes all our discounts.
  3. Select your wines:Choose how many wines you want. We suggest no more than 3 to 4 as an ideal number.
    Don’t suggest 6 or more as we won’t do that many.
  4. Select your sell price:We provide a suggested sell price of each wine, but this is only a recommendation and the final sell price is determined by you. With our suggested sell price you will make $3.50 per bottle, that’s a profit of $42.00 per case on 12 bottles excluding GST
  5. Your label design:Send us a copy of your logo, letterhead, drawing or anything else you want on your order form and label by email or mail (not by fax as the copy quality is poor). Do not design your label. We will do it for you. There is a charge of $60.00 plus GST setup your label. We have two standard label sizes 60mm by 100mm High or 80mm by 100mm wide on glossy paper in full colour included in the price
  6. Confirm dates:Supply us with your closing dates for orders, and the place and date for order pick up.
Order form:
  • Our order form is clearly worded, you or your club is not selling wine; we are selling wine under our liquor license on your behalf. You are simply distributing and collecting forms, this meets all legal requirements.
  • Return to us a copy of our sample order form with all your details on it, please make sure that you have provide us with your logo and heading that you wish placed at the top of the order form with the wording covering the Fundraiser Name and purpose of the fundraiser and the name of the coordinator or fundraising contact and there details.
  • We will supply you with a tally/summary sheet to make keeping track of sales a breeze.

Under Age Persons:
Do not ask children in your club, group or school to distribute or collect forms.
We specifically ask schools not to give order forms to children to take home.
By Law only persons 18 years of age or over can sell wine, and persons under the age of 18 years may not receive wine on behalf of anyone else. And someone over 18 years of age must be available to receive delivery. Persons Involved in the fundraisisng must be of 18 years of age or older.

All done! You are ready to go
Tip: Follow up with your members, remind them to sell some wine to their friends, neighbours, relatives etc. The more each person sells the more profit you make.

After the selling period

  1. When you have collected all the order forms, make sure that they are all properly completed with name, telephone and that the Legal Age sections have been ticked including anauthorized Age Signature etc. Payment by Cheques must be made out to Cleanskin wines and attached to the order form. If an order is paid by cash make sure they have been marked as such.When taking orders by credit card please check the expiry date and the verification code on the reverse of the credit card have all been provide
  2. Return to us all your order forms along with a copy of the order spreadsheet, and a summary of how much profit you have made, along with your name and contact details. Do not ask your members to return them to us direct. Keep the cash component; do not send cash in the mail.Depending on how much cash you may have held on to from the orders, we will make payment of your commission funds direct by your nominated method
  3. Allow us about 2 weeks to process all the cheques and credit cards, we will print your labels, label the wines and prepare the wine for dispatch.
  4. We will arrange delivery of all the wine to your one nominated address, and you look after local distribution. We will not deliver wine to schools; please nominate an alternative delivery address.


Delivery to all main centres within the North Island are freight free; there is a surcharge of .50 per bottle on all deliveries to and within the main centres of the South Island. Beware there will be a further extra delivery fee to your nominated destination point if the address is in a rural area and you may need to allow for this when setting your sell prices. Please ring or email us for a quote per carton which is by courier. A cheaper rate is available by general carrier on quantities. We cannot supply a quote without a firm quantity, a cheaper rate can be taken as a bonus so base your selling price on a fixed rate per bottle to be covered.