Fundraising with wine

We make it easy and profitable.

Fundraising for your charitable organisation, sporting club, kindergarten, school, corporate social club, or group can be a tough, unrewarding business. The everyday financial demands on people today are heavy and spare cash is exactly that – spare.

Modern fundraising initiatives need to be simple, cost-effective and generate high-level returns if they are to be successful. More importantly, they need to treat people as “consumers” rather than “donors”. They need to tap into what products people consume on a regular basis and deliver savings and opportunities they could not encounter elsewhere.

Market research shows that the majority of New Zealand households buy and consume wine on a weekly basis so why not direct their expenditure to an affordable, quality product that is branded under your own personalised wine label and which delivers direct financial benefits to your cause?

Please Take Note:

The stock we use, is the current vintage available and is NOT OUT DATED STOCK as some offer at inflated selling prices.

How does it work?

These quality wines are produced by leading wineries throughout New Zealand and all products that are sold are covered by a full 100% money back guarantee and have been specially selected and blended for wide appeal. Here is a simple step by step guide to the process:

  • You choose from our comprehensive range which wines you wish to use
  • We will assist you to design and produce your own wine label featuring your fundraiser logo, photo, art design or emblem, etc.
  • You set the bottle price for the wine and how long you want to run the fundraiser (we recommend 4-6 weeks)
  • Confirm dates – both for obtaining orders and for delivery.
  • We produce a sales/order form for you to hand out to your participants
  • Distribute order forms, publicise your terrific opportunity, and wait for the interest to roll in
  • We will happily assist you at every stage of the process.
  • Collect the order forms. Check payment options and other details.
  • Return all order forms and other information to us.
  • We label the wines you have chosen
  • Allow us two weeks to process Cheques and Credit cards, and to prepare all your orders.

Fundraising wine will supply you with an order spreadsheet and profit summary for your records

The Fundraiser receives a check as a commission at the end of the fundraising campaign for 100% of the retail profits……yes, 100%!

How profitable is it?

Even if you’re fundraising group is not large, the dollar-for-dollar return on specialized wine sales is a proven earner that can outperform almost any other single fundraising initiative. Like all fundraising it depends entirely on how much effort you put in. While we do a lot of the background work, you need to enthuse your members to collect wine orders from as many people as possible. The amount of profit varies with different fundraisers, but we recommend a profit of $3.50 per bottle. Do the sums yourself! Selling 10 dozen bottles will make you around $420.00 profit. (Note: most fundraisers sell between 10 and 90 dozen.)

No fundraiser is too big or too small and we are more than happy to tailor make a fundraiser that works best for you. We have already had fantastic success with other organisations and look forward to helping you reach your fundraising goals.

For further information on how we could help tailor make a fundraiser that works best for you.