Can I taste your wines before purchasing?

With a minimum order of one bottle plus freight, you can Order your selection before placing your lager order.

Is there an extra wine label setup fee if I order 2 cases of wine – 1 red and 1 white?

There is only one setup fee as long as the label design itself remains the same even though the wine variety type changes, e.g. Merlot or Sauvignon Blanc

Can I order “extra” wine labels with my order of wine?

All bottles are delivered with labels affixed. We off addition labels at a cost of $0.60 cents per label, Labels produced by us may not be affixed to any other wine not supplied by us.

How much wine do we have to sell?

You do not have to pre commit to selling a certain amount of wine however we require a 10 case minimum order if possible. We just ask that you do your best, as the more you sell, the more commission money you receive!

Do we have to sell the wine in case amounts?

No you can sell single bottles or case lots. Though we suggest that a minimum of 6 bottles as multiples of one type or any combination per order, has worked the best. We will send you the exact amount of wine ordered per variety for you to break up and distribute to purchases.

Do You Have a House Label?

Yes this option is the easiest you use our house wine label, our wines are not available at any supermarket, liquor store so there is no price comparison.